Bored Out Of My Mind

It’s another rainy day at Hunter. Can it get any better? OF COURSE! I have no umbrella.

I’m in my stats class, with only ten minutes left of this hell. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Statistics for a math class. But I hate having it in college and sitting in class knowing what the professor is teaching or at least trying to teach. I thought it would be an easy class where I would be interacting with my professor and reviewing everything I did in Advance Placement Statistics in high school.

But noooo! My professor is a petite Asian woman who teaches with the omission of important details, makes irreverent or inconclusive examples, and has a very think accent that sounds like a broken record when you ask her a question. Don’t even get me started when students ask her questions. She will beat around the bush and repeat herself while not answering the student’s question. In the end they put that “I understand, just so you’ll be quiet” face.

Right now my professor is going through chapters 15-20 from Activstats. It took her the one hour and fifteen minute class period to do so. It took me fifteen minutes to outline the chapters for my at home review. I spent the other hour doing anything just to entertain myself.

I’m going to suffer even more this Friday, because she has yet to finish reviewing.

But other than that, I don’t study and I get 90’s.

My professor is taking attendance, I should pack up all my doodles and take everything out of the computer.

I’m so taking a nap when I get home.


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