Spring Semester Madness

As a freshman in college, this experience is new to me. The thing that is most odd for me, is compiling my schedule online and having a set time to do so. Now all freshman at Hunter have been given the priority dates, I have December 2nd on eSIMS. That’s cool–

If only I weren’t sitting in my Philosophy lecture class with 200 something other students.

I’ve spent my night texting a friend I made this year, deciding what courses and what times I will schedule my courses. I decided I would focus my courses around Monday and Thursday (which is funny cause those were my days off this semester). I want to secure a few days off this year because it helps me get enough time to do my homework and any papers.

I hate having a large work load because with too much stress everything goes wrong. My skin starts to lose its glow, I start to break out, I have fainting spells or get dizzy a lot, and then my chest starts to hurt. That’s the worst part.

I really want to get this whole scheduling thing out of the way and finalize my choices without going crazy. But I’m really looking forward to the change in courses. It’s totally different from high school where I was stuck with the same work load for a year and now its only in a semester for certain days of the week.

Let’s just hope my mobile network doesn’t go crazy, or that I can’t connect to wifi… Because I know fer sure, I won’t be paying attention in Philosophy once that clock hits 10:30am.

Sigh, this is crazy.


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