Writer’s Block or Is it Just Fatigue?

I really wanted to post a review today.

The problem is I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I started off with Skin79’s Triple Functions BB Cream, and I couldn’t even get my first sentence out without sounding boring. Then I tried with Nars Lipglosses, and the same thing happened. I tried to organize the photos I took of the product and half way through… I was so bored I got distracted.

I really want to go to sleep… Have you ever had those moments where you want to sleep so bad, that you want to put off everything (even if it was something important) to the side? I really wanted to do just that, but here I am awake and catching a cold.

Maybe tomorrow I could do something. I just feel so weird today, maybe its writer’s block… Or maybe I’m just too tired. Really looking forward to Winter Break—it’s almost a month and a half long! Ahh, that lifted up my spirits. I can sleep all I want and hang out all I want too.

Bleh, I feel a headache coming on… Maybe I’ll take some meds and watch Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, heard it’s good.


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block or Is it Just Fatigue?

  1. Reading your posts reminds me a bit of myself. And this particular one strikes a chord. Write or not write? Post or not post? Many of my posts end up as drafts and are still there… Lol!

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