Hate Waking Up Late

This is more of a rant than a ramble.

I’m just so fricking mad today. Just when I looked at the time the anger started to boil my blood. –7:04am– REALLY?! Right when I’m supposed to be sitting in my desk preparing for my government professor to walk in through the door?! After I spent my night reading two documents… One was 27 pages long… And wrote my critical summary for Lincoln’s letter to Hodges?!

Seriously? Of all days?! I’m supposed to be physically in class to hand in a hard copy of that assigned critical summary after uploading it to Turnitin.com.

What did I do? What could I do? I emailed my professor. I got to Hunter the minute students were getting out of the elevator. Even if I ran like there was no tomorrow, I wouldn’t have made it. I can’t believe all the notes I missed today either! My professor goes through vital information like water. I never have time to just look up and chill while listening to him. My eyes are always glued to my paper, ears shot up, and pen blazing at the speed of light.

At least I woke up.

Registration for courses in the Spring 2012 semester is today. There’s no way I could miss out on being here.

I’m just hoping my day doesn’t go wrong from here on out. I don’t have the time to care about taking it easy. I need to get my work done and get it done before finals.

It’s bad enough I’m missing Philosophy lecture to register for classes. I didn’t need to wake up late.

I’m praying everything goes well. That I don’t get sicker than what I am, that I don’t get my monthly gift. And that I don’t screw up my registration.


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