Posts Delayed :(

So it’s just that time of year where finals and research papers start eating away at your time.

I haven’t really found the time to actually sit down and focus on something that wasn’t school related. But, I promise, after I’m done writing my last two research papers– I will be posting reviews! Maybe even this weekend, because tomorrow I finally get my Missha package! Gah, I’m so excited I really hope I like everything.

I will probably review BB Creams first. As for the two I have, maybe over the Winter break I’ll go to Chinatown and get the Lioeli Dollish Veil BB Cream. All depends, because I know the Lioeli Beyond the Solution BB Cream is too pale for me. Maybe I’ll get it if my skin brightens up and I finally lose all of my tan. By then I should be an NC20 or 25… Pretty sure I’m an NC25 or NC 30 now.

For sure, during the Winter Break I will be using the Missha Time Revolution skin care regimen religiously so that I can review it while my skin is at its best… because well, why do it while my skin is stressed? Who knows maybe I’ll start right when I get it and see how it works on my skin during stressful and non-stressful times.

My point of this post was to tell you that I will get to reviewing soon, once college gets the hell out of my way. But I get distracted easily so I rambled.

Hehe, see you soon.


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