First Impressions of Missha Products

So, on the evening of Thursday, December 8th– I finally got my Missha order!

Everything I posted in the “Missha Thanksgiving Weekend Sale” arrived, except they put in a Real Essential Sheet Mask. In this post I will be letting you guys know what my first impressions are of these products.

This is the box everything came in. (Click to enlarge for clarity.)

Here is everything that came in my order. (Click to enlarge.)

Everything out of it's packaging. (Click to enlarge.)


This BB cream provides good coverage. More than medium coverage, but it is not full coverage. My face seems a little more even toned. I can’t say my skin is flawless, because I can still see my freckles and dark spots.

It blends easily, and it is lightweight. When I apply it my skin doesn’t feel dry.

As usual, with its grey undertones I look pale, but let’s see how it oxidizes.

I don’t like that it makes my skin appear dryer than it is once I finish applying it with a brush. I blended it out with my hands, and still had that dry appearance but less obvious. It feels really nice on the skin; it’s not all that noticeable, but I do know it is there.

It’s been about half an hour to an hour since I applied it, and it has darkened up. I still have a bit of a grey undertone and I look pale but I guess it’s expected. After an additional fifteen minutes, it is just about the same as my skin tone and my skin does look brighter. YAY~


The cleanser is thick. A little goes a long way. I took a pea sized amount and it was way too much when I put it on my cheeks… it ended up being enough for my whole face! It lathers well, and does foam up, just not all bubbly.

It has a nice smell, nothing floral or strong… but a fresh smell.

My skin felt really clean when I rinsed. Usually I don’t feel this clean when I use a foaming cleanser and not an exfoliating cleanser with microbeads. I’m really impressed.


I don’t have much to say. It has a pearl finish, but it is nothing out of this world. It just gives a dewy effect if worn alone. I put on the BB cream on top of it, since it is a primer—and the pearl finish wasn’t so noticeable. As far as brightening goes… I don’t really see brightening… I would assume brightening means making my skin look literally bright, or radiant… not dull.


Toner: It is very light weight—watery consistency (which is obvious from toners) but it absorbs well into the skin. It smells good. Smells like the History of Whoo Whitening Skin Balancer just a little I don’t know… Musky?

Lotion: Smells like the toner, it is also just as light weight, which I found unusual. At least because I’m so used to the Proactiv Repairing Lotion feeling, like well… a lotion. It also absorbs well.

Real Expert Serum: It is thicker than the lotion but again, it absorbs well. I really like that everything smells the same. All the steps in Proactiv don’t smell the same, and I end up hating that—but you have to tolerate it.


All I did was swatch these on my wrist, since its lighter than my hand and around the same skin tone as my face. Here are swatches. This is the order they are in: (from top to bottom) M BB Boomer, M Perfect Cover No. 23, M Perfect Cover No. 31, M Signature Real Complete No. 21.

Before blending-- placed on wrist. (Click to enlarge.)

Here I blended them out a bit. (Click to enlarge.)

These are all my first impressions. By no means is this a review. I will be reviewing the BB creams more in depth on a separate post and I will describe how the Time Revolution White Cure Set goes after using it for a longer period of time. I’m still thinking about it– After I try and review all these BB creams I will be comparing all these BB Creams to each other, pros and cons, etc. We’ll see. Lots of posts to come during the winter break.

That is all. ^^

Thank you for reading~


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