Becoming An Urban Decay Junkie

Slowly and slowly, I’m becoming an Urban Decay Junkie.

After publishing my last post on two of Urban Decay’s single eyeshadows, I’ve come to realize this. If money would permit it, I’d have more than just my Primer Potion, Naked palette and 2 single eyeshadows. Plus, I’m dying for Naked 2 to hit Sephora and Ulta, because I can’t order it online unless I ship it to a friend’s house instead >_> *sneaky sneaky*.

I’ve tried their 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Zero and Bourbon; they are amazing! I’ve swatched so many shadows while at Sephora before that I just wanted to buy most of them. Even the bright colors I probably wouldn’t even wear! Their liquid eyeliner and lip tints are also amazing, but I don’t actually have those at the moment.

Who’s to blame for this? My twin friends that I met 4 years ago in High School; who would constantly tell me about any updates in their shadow line, or new collections. They introduced me to Sephora, but their biases– which are now mine– are Urban Decay and Nars.

And the other person to blame (such a strong word but I don’t know what else to use)– is Jen from Frmheadtotoe. She is an amazing, down to earth beauty guru on Youtube and I just love her blog. The happiness she feels about makeup has rubbed off onto me, and because of her I’ve just had to try many of the Urban Decay products she raves about. When I see a new post or video that she uploads about a UD palette or product, it brightens up my day. I often try other products as well– like BB Creams from different Korean brands, Lioeli products, and I’m dying to purchase a Unii palette once I go back to Sephora and buy some more UD shadows (like Chopper, Roach, ABC Gum, Twice Baked, and Stray Dog).

But yea, she’s an amazing beauty guru. Her tutorials are great, she’s honest, funny, and just so entertaining to watch on Youtube. Her blog is always detailed but they aren’t so crazy long you get bored. On the contrary, if it’s long, she can entertain you the whole way through!

If you’re interested:

Her blog –

Youtube –

I deviated from talking about Urban Decay to talking about Jen. ;_; Sigh, I just love both. Keke.


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