Hating Today

I really hate today with a passion.

Today is only a continuation from yesterday. I haven’t slept all day. Didn’t bother going to see 2NE1 at MTV Iggy. I knew I’d be buried trying to write my research letter for government.

I wrote it. I finished at two in the morning. Printing took another hour because my perfectly good printer decided to be a moron.

At three in the morning what was going to do next? Study.

Today was my government final. My professor gives us the possible essay questions a week in advance. The essays had a few points but weren’t outlined. Studying doesn’t work for me unless I do it a night before. But in this case, I had to start leaving for school in two hours.

I outlined two essays by the time it was five am. I wanted to cry. Sleep and me are two things that are inseparable. Take my sleep away from me I will cry and everything will go wrong.

And it did. I left home at five thirty. Fifteen minutes later of power walking, I got to the train station. Something hit me just then. I left my study outlines on my desk! Mom called and she told me to head back. I was already about to cry out of anger. I went back. She met me two blocks from home.

I basically ran to her, and ran back to the train. My foot cramped up a block before the station and the train left me. I studied on the bench. The 6 at Lexington left me again. So I studied for another ten minutes while the next 6 came.

I got to Hunter just in time. Five minutes after I sat down, my professor walked in.

The only good thing about today was the two essay choices were the ones I outlined. I finished in an hour. And now I’m waiting for my next class that doesn’t start til ten. Why? My English professor decided to cancel class for us to relax and study the day before. Does she not know that the block has philosophy after her?

I’m alone.

Scratch that. The girl I dislike from my government class decided to show up and sit in the couch next to mine. Great.

Time to continue suffering.
Thank you blog,
You passed by 20 minutes of my time.


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