(E) Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23 Review

I’ve finally decided to post my review on the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 23. It’s kind of long, so bear with me if you want to know what I think concerning details on consistency, its benefits, etc.

I have actually been using this BB cream instead of my Skin79 Super+ Triple Functions BB Cream. I’ve been doing this for almost two weeks now.

My opinion about this BB cream is pretty strong now and I thought I was ready to do the review.

So let’s get started~

This BB cream is available at the Missha website (missha.net or misshaus.com) for the price of $29.99 USD. This is for the 50ml bottle. I’m sure the price will vary depending on where you buy it, I know there are a few locations of Everyday Beauty Supply and other Beauty Supply stores in Chinatown and Flushing that sell them. Doesn’t hurt to check other beauty stores in those areas too!

Here are some pictures of the BB Cream, packaging, and swatches:

The actual BB Cream and it’s box.

Snapshot of the ingredients, the English and actual BB cream pump.

On the top is the BB Cream blended out and oxidized, the bottom is an immediate application.

On the bottle and box it says that:

“MISSHA M Perfect Cover B.B Cream offers a novel skincare concept with B.B cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles amd blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.”

“This M Perfect Cover BB Cream makes your skin tone clean and natural by concealing blemishes with excellent skin coverage. It is a multi functional makeup cream with blocking UV rays, whitening and wrinkle care effects and simplifies makeup formalities. Its moisturized application with W/S texture makes sleek skin tone while supplying moisture and nutrition at the same time. “

On their site (misshaus.com) they claim:

“The M Perfect Cover BB Cream gives an even and natural-looking coverage with the soothing, moisturizing properties of a cream. It is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin, and can be used as a makeup base or foundation. “

BENEFITS: This BB Cream has UV blocking, whitening, and wrinkle repairing properties. UV blocking is superb compared to other BB creams I have, since it is SPF 42 PA+++. The least amount of SPF recommended is SPF 15, so it’s safe to say this is really really good sun protection. As for whitening, this product has Adenosine and Arbutin, which is known to be the whitening ingredients in some, most or if not all (I’m no expert) BB Creams.

CONSISTENCY/TEXTURE: The consistency of this BB cream is pretty light, it isn’t runny/watery but it isn’t thick. And as for the overage of the BB cream, it is medium to full coverage. I can’t say it is full because I can still see dark spots and my freckles with a thin coat. If I layer a bit more, they are still slightly visible.

FINISH: The BB cream itself doesn’t give a really dewy finish since the skin isn’t completely mattified. I personally like that because if it did mattify my skin any more, it would look really chalky. When I first apply the BB cream my skin looks a little dry but it doesn’t feel dry. I’m an NC25-NC30, pale tan I guess you could say. M Perfect Cover in No. 23 is perfect. It oxidizes a bit after 15 minutes, but it doesn’t change much in tone.

It does actually improve the texture of my skin. After applying it, my skin feels really soft and it’s moisturized. What I do not like, is I get more oily than usual. I actually have to blot my skin when I use this BB cream. What helps me is not putting it on my nose (which is the part that gets most oily).

The scent is not prominent, it actually reminds me of like baby lotion or baby wipes (you get the jist, a soft baby smell)– and it goes away after you apply it. I actually really like it, I swatched a bit on my hand and I’m still smelling it. Heh.

To apply, in case you don’t know…

You can either use a foundation brush and apply as a foundation or you can use your hands. I personally like to use my hands and fingers for an easier application. I pump a bit on my fingertips (3 fingers), rub my fingers to warm it up, and then pat it on my skin.

Oh, one more base to hit…

PACKAGING: I don’t like one thing about this BB cream and it’s the packaging. You can see it is a bottle with a pump and then the cap. That darn cap, if I forget to get the excess off the pump it’ll rub onto the cap and smudge all over. =.= I don’t like it, but I’m getting the hang of wiping off the bit before capping it.

All in all, I love the BB cream. I tried to hit at many points as possible without making this boring. And I’ll be sure to update anything thing I may have missed or if you have any questions– I’ll be happy to answer them.

In case you still wanted to know more– or if interested: Bubbi did a review on this BB cream quite a while back and I think it is also pretty detailed. It helped me a lot. ^^

(Update 2013.01.21): I have stopped using this BB cream for a pretty long time. During the hotter seasons, my skin started to break out with this BB cream. And during the fall, It still broke me out. I’m not sure why… I’m thinking maybe it’s the mineral oil that the BB cream contains… My forehead easily breaks out if my pores are clogged, so I guess maybe the mineral oil is a reason. I’m going to try wearing it during this colder season and see if I still get break outs– just to eliminate the whole season shift reason to the break out…

Thank you for reading, hope it was helpful.

See you next time. Bye~ 🙂


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