(E) Skin79 Hot Pink Triple Functions BB Cream Review

After postponing and postponing and postponing (more like procrastinating), I have finally decided to do this review. I have had this BB cream for months on end now, so it’s about time! Ne?

Image that is on Pretty&Cute. Click to enlarge.

This was my very first BB cream and I think I bought it back in September, at Everyday Beauty Supply (Chinatown, NY). It said $35 on the price tag but I’m sure there was a small discount when I purchased. You can get it on Skin79’s official website, skin79northamerica.com (they have a lot of info for the BB cream). It is also sold on prettyandcute.com in various sizes, so please check out this website. They have so many things to offer!

I prefer to get things in person if it’s easier than getting it online, I didn’t mind paying more. But seeing as how I would repurchase, online is the cheapest way to go.

Now onto the BB Cream itself—

This BB Cream offers light/medium coverage. I just love this BB Cream for lazy days where I don’t want to put much on. You can build up the coverage if you would like but use really light layers or it might look cakey. The texture is somewhat light but not really all that thick… (Not sure how to explain). A little goes a long way, and if you have some scarring or anything that needs a little more, you can always go back and apply a little more.

If you have a lot of scarring or prominent discoloration, I’m not sure how well the coverage would be for you. My freckles aren’t covered at all by the BB cream and same goes for dark spots. But since my skin has been doing well, I am satisfied.

The BB Cream has a strong grey cast when you apply it, but will oxidize after 15 minutes or so. For reference I am about NC25- NC30… but since I lost my summer tan at last, it could be different.

It match my skin okay with my summer tan, but now that I’m paler, it is perfect. It provides a natural finish—not too matte that you look flat and like you’re wearing makeup but not dewy where you look like you’re oily. The perfect balance. It’s great for my oily skin and it has sunscreen. I’m not one to set my make up with powder, I hate matte finishes for face products.

I really love this BB cream, and highly recommend it as an everyday one. It’s light, compact, provides natural light/medium coverage, and good for oily and combination skin.

Click to enlarge.

The Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream is in obviously a hot pink tube that pumps out the product– Very hygienic. The reason why all the BB creams I have purchased have pumps ^^. There are no problems in how much product is pumped since it’s really controllable. And I like it for travel purposes too!

I have mentioned that you should be careful when ordering BB creams online, and below, I’ve uploaded pictures I took to show some things to be on the lookout for this specific BB cream.

  1. Look for the authenticity label at the bottom of the tube! If it’s messed up—no good. If it isn’t there—worse!
  2. Check to see if there is a perforated line on the back of the box!
  3. Check for manufacturer’s date on bottom.
  4. The top of the box should have “Super+ Beblesh Balm” in a red circle… (which was hard to get in a picture).
  5. Check the inside of the box, which has a language on each side– Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

I highly recommend this BB cream, it didn’t break me out, make me more oily or give me any problems. It was worth my $35 dollars, and I will repurchase for sure!

That’s all for this post. I’ll be reviewing more masks and BB creams in the following days so “stay tuned”.

Thanks for reading, see you next time. Bye~


4 thoughts on “(E) Skin79 Hot Pink Triple Functions BB Cream Review

  1. Thanks for dropping by my site sometime ago.
    Many people like BB creams, but I have found them unsuitable for my skin tone. I reckon it’s got to do with my warm, yellow tone. As you mentioned, there is a grey cast on the face right after application, but for me it leaves my face looking ashy even after some time. I also notice that BB creams are better for those with more even skin tone as their coverage is sheerer as compared with other foundations. Well, Skin79 is popular in Malaysia too. Might try and test it out sometime.

    • Because of the winter I have gone from just oily skin to combination skin. Most BB creams look ashy on my dry cheeks but to help I use a thicker moisturizer for my cheeks. 😦 I don’t wanna give up on my BB creams just yet, so moisturizing dry spots helps me a considerate amount.

      Thanks for the comment. Hopefully I can be helpful~

      • Do you mean to say that BB creams may not look so ashy if the skin is moisturised? I too have combination skin so I’ll give that a try. But living in Malaysia where we have perpetual sweltering ‘summer’ weather conditions, a thicker moisturiser will be too oily I reckon. Will give it a go though.

      • I see… You are right though. A hot climate and thicker moisturizer aren’t the best combination ever. It helped a bit during the winter for me. I guess it depends the thickness of the bb cream and the finish. The FaceIt bb cream I have no matter what I do nothing helps. It just looks so ashy!

        What I do is when I’m not sure of a product I’ll use it when I don’t go out so if anything, no one will see me. 🙂

        I need to search and see if there are good tips. Those who look are bound to find.

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