Where Have I Been?

Obviously, I haven’t been on WordPress.

It has been a long time since I have posted something on here. But to be honest, other than work from school and home I don’t have a valid excuse to explain my lack of posts.

I have plenty of notes on masks I used during the winter, and new products to talk about but I haven’t felt inspired enough to write out the posts for you guys.

Why not force myself to write them out and get that out of the way?
Because forced writing with no interest will leave you, my readers, with no interest.

I want people to read my posts and feel like they hold some kind of purpose. I don’t want to just spill words onto a document, upload it, and have it go unread or unappreciated.

I promise, after these next two weeks– when finals are over and vacation begins (and when boredom strikes my home)– the posts will be plentiful.

I have yet to review masks (TFS, SooRyeHan, and Missha), BB Cream (TFS), Urban Decay’s Build Your Own Palette, and some miscellaneous eye/lip/nail products.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, time to go back to finishing labs and studying for the load of finals coming my way.

Thanks for sticking around!~


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