Being Nocturnal

It’s almost 5:30 am and I’m still up without a yawn or ounce of sleepiness in me. Finished watching Sector 7 with 하지원 (Ha Ji-won)… Not a bad movie–Just wasn’t what I expected. Lost all seriousness when I saw 박철민 (Park Cheol-min).

But anywho… I’m bored and have nothing better to do as I lie in bed, so I’m posting one of my rambles…

Break is almost over, I start class next week to be exact, and I have been going to bed at 5-7 am. Bad me. I wake up, if I have the day to myself, around 3-5 pm– bad bad me. I get sleepy when the sun comes up and wake up when the sun is down. I’ve become pretty nocturnal, if I don’t say so myself.

I just know how bad it’s gonna feel when I gotta sleep early and wake up at 6 am for my 8 am classes this semester. OMG, what am I going to do with myself?! I’ll be surviving on naps again like the past 3 semesters. This is ridiculous. How am I going to get myself to sleep early…?

Maybe I’ll give myself a little push with NyQuil, I’m trying to nip this flu in the bud with whatever I can… Both my parents got the flu and right now my throat is not so well. I guess I lasted 2 weeks strong not trying to catch it. My voice was manly yesterday so it’s a sign. Dad lost his voice when he got it and mom was half mute when the flu hit her hard, LOL… It was priceless talking to her that. Bad me.

My phone’s at 1% battery, so I shall end it here. Before I regret another sentence. Keke.

잘자요 여러분!


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