Heads Up: Nature Republic

OMG. I might be behind. Or I might be the one informing you first, but this small small small post is to tell you guys…

*drum roll*

Nature Republic opened up a store in Flushing!!!

Yay, finally another Korean cosmetics brand opened a location in NY! Definitely will stop but. Apparently it opened in April… I think mid-April? But I didn’t find out until now! Can’t wait til I have the opportunity to stop buy.

It’s about time I have other Korean brands other than The Face Shop and Missha in my collection (Missha not so much, not a fan anymore…).

Etude House should open a locale too… 😀

Emptying of my wallet shall happen soon!

Here’s the address if anyone is interested, I’m bad at describing but I’m good at finding places when I’m there.. So plug the address in Google Maps, or Yelp and you’re good to go!

Nature Republic:
135-80 Roosevelt Ave, New York, NY 11354


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