I am a student at Hunter College– with hopes of venturing into the Psychology field of work.

My blog is a haven for me to speak out about the things I love. I really want to post a review of every product I love or hate, and talk about things I buy (which some of you may know to be “hauls”). I am in no way a professional at this, it’s a hobby and I love to write.

Like I said, this blog is my escape from the real world. That’s where my “rambles” come into play. I will be posting diary like posts in the “Rambles” section. Kind of like freewriting, they will consist of random thoughts– some relevant to the day it is posted, some completely random.

I do not plan to post on specific days; posts will be spontaneous (just like me, LOL). And this “About” may be different depending on how time progresses but beauty is the main element.

Disclaimer: All products on this blog are purchased by my money. I am not affiliated with any type of company, because: I am not experienced, I’m doing this for fun, I don’t plan to get anything out of this–other than helping people out on finding opinions on products that really don’t have any or little reviews.

I appreciate every reader and every thought you may have. Feel free to follow and comment.



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