Blog Anniversary!

Wow, time sure flies by.

I would have never thought that the 10th of May marked the 3rd year anniversary for this blog. I would have never thought I would start a blog, period.¬†Too bad I’m two days late in noticing such a feat. LOL.

It just came to mind that I started this blog, in fact, during my freshman year of college in 2011. I know this blog is not one of the most read, but I am proud that people do come across my blog and read my posts. I have come farther than I would have ever imagined and I am proud of myself.

Today also marked the day that I reached 13,000 views! That is… 12,999 more views than I thought I would have.

Not putting myself down or anything, but I really NEVER imagined myself starting a blog and either rambling or doing reviews. Heck, I didn’t think I would have been knee deep in all of the products I have purchased and tried. It is ridiculous. My first post was random, and the ones that followed as well–ranging from lyrics, to rambles, to beauty. But I have found my passion and I’m glad I’ve gotten better at blogging.

I really want to thank my subscribers and the people who read my posts. I do appreciate you having decided to stick by me, even though sh-eet got real and I barely have time to post or even think about what posts I want to do. But here I am, ignoring my three papers, to post a big thank you and apologize for the lack of any new content. These three years feel like they have flown by and with every accomplishment, this blog has really brightened up those three years.

I do plan on doing reviews once the school year ends, because I have been loving so many products and been trying so many new things I really want to share my thoughts about.

Thank you guys so much for getting me to 13,000 views and thank you my subscribers!

Love you, and see you in future posts!

Just keep on waiting for me, keke.