Koreadepart Experience & Mini Haul!

This was such a nice way to end my last day of classes. On Wednesday, May 15, USPS left that horrid pink slip in my mailbox saying I missed my delivery (which mind you I did not, cause they didn’t bother walking up a flight of stairs or buzzing the intercom to see if anyone was home—which everyone was… They always do this. -__-). Once I saw “Foreign” under sender, I already knew what it was…

My order from KoreaDepart!

Now this post is going to be a long one! I want to get in my little haul, and thoroughly talk about KoreaDepart. So please don’t abandon me just yet! Haul first, site info later! But as always, a bit of rambling.

I had never ordered from KoreaDepart but it seemed popular and had nothing but good reviews, so I decided what the hay? I’ll order something small and see how it is, if I love, I’ll order more. Lo-and-behold, I friggen loved it.

Here’s how the process or journey went:

  • Order placed: May 2, 2013
  • Order shipped/refund placed*: May 3, 2013
  • Order left Incheon Airport: May 7, 2013
  • Order delivered (and missed): May 15, 2013

* to be thoroughly explained~

After all the pictures, I will explain everything! (You know cause, everyone would rather see pictures than a bunch of words…) Just so no one gets confused and can enjoy Korean goods at great prices! I’ll be posting pictures of the packaging, what I ordered and the samples.

So let’s get on to it. ^^

KD Box

Here’s the box, all logo’d up and everything. Click to enlarge.

See the wrapping?  Imagine if there were fragile products? Bubble-popping galore!

See the wrapping? Imagine if there were fragile products? I’d be in bubble-popping galore!

All items, surrounded by two layers of bubble wrap on all sides. Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Here's my little order, a bit more clearer. Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

My order all neatly spread out. Click to enlarge.

My order all neatly spread out. Click to enlarge.

My lovely little tiny order. I ordered relatively few items, because–well, it was my first time, and I wanted to just test the waters. Another, I ordered something else, but it was sold-out so they refunded… This is it: The Face Shop’s Natural Sun AQ Eco Cushion Sun Cover (note the “Cover”, I intended to get the “Original”… but I’m looking forward to this one more now!), two Aritaum Air Cushion Sunblock Puffs (to use alternatively with the Cushion) and three Blotting Films from The Face Shop… because who wants to pay $5 USD a pack at TFS locations here in NY? Not me.

Samples I recieved in a separate little packet, never tried anything from Skinfood before.

Samples I received in a separate little packet, never tried anything from Skinfood before.

A little sneak at the gem of my order! Click to enlarge.

A little sneak at the gem of my order! Click to enlarge.

Sigh, so far, I’m really liking this pretty little gem. Purchased it for summer because it’s perfect for travel, has SPF 50 PA+++, and it’s lightweight. I intended to purchase the Original one, because it’s the one that was in The Face Shop (only in Flushing, canvased them all only found there… It’s been a month though, maybe they got shipments!) And the lovely 달자 (whom I HIGHLY recommend) had written a review, here (along with many other cushions, sparking my interest). The one I ordered is from the same line but is not the “Original”, it is the “Cover” version. But, no more of that, I will use and get a firm grip on my opinion, then post a review! 😀 Kekeke, I’ll let that one simmer.

Now, onto the whole KoreaDepart lecture!

First of all… shipping. Amazing. Ordering things from Hong Kong, and S. Korea usually takes 3-5 weeks to arrive here in the US (from my past experiences) and for it to arrive in just 2 weeks was awesome!

Ordering on the site, is easy actually. They do provide a beginner’s guide on ordering and have an FAQ section here. They’re pretty thorough at explaining, from what I saw. But, I didn’t use the guide before I ordered; I just peaked after… out of curiosity.

It’s simple: Browse –> Add to cart –> check out! (Sounds like it came out of Dora the Explorer LOL.)

The first thing they’ll ask is if you would like EMS mail or registered mail as shipping option. This is asked because depending on your choice, you have to pay a prepaid shipping cost. Since a lot of my visits are from Asian readers, I’ll point this out: If you live in an Asian country you will pay a fixed price, you won’t have to deal with the whole prepaid price shenanigans. These countries include: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, the Phiippines, etc.

For everyone else, here’s the explanation!

Registered mail prepaid cost is $25 USD. EMS is (I think, don’t quote me!) $30-$1000, there are other options in between. DO NOT PANIC, THIS IS NOT YOUR FINAL SHIPPING COST! When your products are being packed to be shipped, the box is weighed. The final weight, will determine your final shipping cost.

If your shipping cost is less than your prepaid cost, they will refund you the difference. If it is more than the prepaid cost you paid, you will be charged the difference. Here is an explanation from their site. I paid the $25 USD, but the real shipping cost was $8.54 USD. So I was refunded, $16.46 USD.

I paid with Paypal, so the refund thing was easy. The day it shipped, I got my refund. It’s not that confusing! If I’m correct, I think G-Market does the same thing. After that, it was all smooth sailing tracking with the link they provided. No good after it left Incheon airport though… tracking does not update after that for Registered Mail.

Final Verdict: (If you made it this far… congrats! LOL.) I love this site. I have this whole wish list, which unfortunately, is half influenced by everything I’ve read on 달자’s blog… and things too expensive at the TFS locations or Asian beauty shops here in NY. I’m going to be purchasing again really soon, so yea. I totally recommend. They have such a wide selection of brands and products, for such great prices! It beats putting my faith on eBay and the time it took for the products to arrive was another plus! I’m so happy to have discovered this site.

Hopefully, I helped out–without being boring… I think I was though. ><
But, thanks for reading! As always~
(Time to watch more Supernatural… Cause… who needs sleep?)


THEFACESHOP Cereal Mask Sheet in Walnut & Pine Nut Review

On the 18th of November, I had decided to go with my cousin to Herald Square. But after being there, and getting what we wanted to do out of the way, I dragged her down to H-mart and remembered, “There’s a TFS on this block!” So I went and bought nail polish, and a couple of these interesting masks to try out.

Here’s some background on my skin: I am Hispanic, Dominican to be exact. I have oily, acne prone skin which has been controlled by Proactiv. After about 5 hours, I have to use a blotting sheet, and I have quite large pores. Another note, I easily get dark spots and acne scars.

The masks I picked out were the Cereal Mask Sheets, specifically Walnut and Pine Nut, right under in small letters it says “for radiant, nourished skin”.

TFS Cereal Mask Sheet (Front)

This is the front side to the packaging for these TFS masks. Click to enlarge for more clarity.

It says the following about Walnuts and Pine Nut:

The Benefits of Walnut: Though known for promoting brain activity, Walnuts also smooth and illuminate rough skin.

The Benefits of Pine Nut: Used for ages in Korean home remedies to invigorate and nourish, Pine Nuts, which are rich in Gamma Linolenic acids, soften skin and improve elasticity.”

TFS Cereal Sheet Mask W&PN (Back)

This is the backside. Click to enlarge for more clarity.

The directions say to wash face and apply toner, basically start off your first couple of steps before moisturizer in your skin regimen—followed by carefully taking out the mask and fitting it onto your face. The treatment period is from 15-20 minutes. You DO NOT rinse off your face when you take off the mask, you gently pat and massage the left over essence into your skin. That’s exactly what I did.

The ingredients are listed in the back:

Close Up of Ingredients

Here are the ingredients, I tried to crop it a bit, but it didn't work. Sorry.

Here I begin my review:

This mask is—amazing. The mask sits well on the skin after fitting it, no slipping or crazy positioning to get it on right. The smell, is not too strong and its pleasant, it smells like a toner (nothing too strong or out of this world). But because it has alcohol, it might be a little irritating if you’re not used to it. The smell wakes me up and it’s as refreshing as it feels.

The mask has a large amount of essence, but it doesn’t drip. It keeps the mask moist enough for the 15-20 minute treatment period. After taking off the mask, enough essence was left on the skin to smooth out or massage into the skin. The next morning, my skin is very supple, soft and moisturized. I didn’t even have to use a moisturizer—because if I did, it might have been too heavy for my skin. After toner, I have two steps left in my nighttime skin regimen, and with the essence I had to skip them.

I guess I haven’t used the mask too much to see a large difference, but my skin does feel a lot refreshed after I use it. It had a glow to it, but I guess since my skin is more on the oily side, it could have been the essence making it a little too shiny (that’s why I only use it at night). The following day though, after my daytime skin regimen, I didn’t have to use my Skin 79 BB Cream (which I will post up a review for in the next few days). I didn’t even have to blot my skin a lot either, and it was a rainy and ugly day! Days like those make my skin rebel against me with extreme oiliness, redness, and large pores.

Conclusion: I loved the TFS Cereal Mask in Walnut & Pine Nut, it left my skin feeling radiant as it claimed and I will definitely be repurchasing more the next time I go to Koreatown or Herald Square. I would have definitely liked for the essence to be a little less “heavy” on the skin, but either way, for $2 it was a bang for my buck!

Black Friday Pandemonium

Today’s the 20th of November, only 5 days until the day everyone who’s into the holidays (or the word SALE) is anticipating for.

Now, I have quite a list of people to get gifts for, but that’s only because they’re friends and family. I still have a few more people to get gifts for and I have no idea what to possibly get them.

But after the Fall semester coming to an end, and being too old to get gifts from my parents and family… I feel like my hard work and studies deserve a little gift. Even if it’s just one. I’m debating on finally getting rid of my frost blue Blackberry Curve 8520 and upgrading to the iPhone 4S. I’ve gotten pretty used to simple software on phones and have been using my iTouch since it first came out. Also, the idea of getting an Android phone scared the buh-jeebus out of me. I feel like if I get one, two days later a better one will be released. I wanted the Samsung Galaxy II in October, and when I log into myAT&T, there’s another one there.

I have been waiting for this upgrade since my phone started to go crazy, at the beginning of the semester. I’m paying for this with the money I received from REACH for passing more than half of my AP exams over the years. (I’m good at saving my money.)

But if that obviously doesn’t work out, I’ll go to Chinatown and Koreatown to shop for some make-up and skin care. I just looooove The Face Shop (not to mention Kim Hyun Joong is EVERYWHERE) and there’s a cute shop, Everyday Beauty Supply in Chinatown that has so many brands for its size. Bought every BB-cream, Kerasys and Lioeli product I own there. I forgot the name of one of the workers there, but she was so adorable and generous with samples.

Hmm, I got that out of my system. I like the idea of drabbling on my blog. If I do go shopping, I will do a haul and review each of the products. Maybe I’ll review the ones I have now once I find a good camera to take pictures of the products.