Where Did All My Words Go?

There is just so much I want to do… And there is so much time… But when I sit down and get my fingers on the keyboard, nothing seems to want to come out.

I took pictures of many things– hauls from TFS and Nature Republic from when I went daaaaaays ago. Oh! And the rest of what I wanted to order the first time from Koreadepart.

But alas, here I am…
Rambling so I can maybe find some inspiration.

Maybe soon, when I have no other options, I’ll be able to find words for what I’ve packed for a month away (in the “beauty” sense).

It’s so hard picking!

I wear this every time, take. This foundation has a lot of staying power but no SPF, take? This one has an amazing finish and SPF but probably won’t stay put, take? Palettes are so thin and compact, but these have some colors I like that the other doesn’t… Which do I take?! I like this single shadow, I like this one too… This one is similar to this one but this one’s only got a satiny sheen while the others more packed with shimmers! Which do I take?!

Took me forever to decide and I’m still not leaving. But one question is still looming over my head, do I take my Naked palette?!

Packing-is-so-damn-STRESSFUL!!! I’ve never implemented so many packing tips before. My luggage is full of stuff and only 30 something pounds.

I only gotta thank two things–chiffon, and small packaging.

Who can go wrong with chiffon? It’s lightweight (heck you can’t even feel it), with this heat it won’t cling to your body, doesn’t take up space (at all!) and I have yet to find a chiffon blouse or dress I don’t like. Sooo much variety.

And with packaging, travel sized bottles are amaze-balls. I have a bunch from The Face Shop that are the perfect size for my skincare stuffs for a whole month of use–got my scrub, cleansers, moisturizer, toner, soothing gel, etc.

One thing I was smart enough to do (or so I believe)… I dug around and found two Isa Knox sample bottles made of really nice sturdy glasslike material (those tiny ones) and filled with my fave YSL foundation/Skin79 BB cream. Got a lot of pumps each and it’ll probably last me the whole time.

Best part, don’t gotta carry the big bulky packaging!

I looked over everything and tried my best to pack things that can be used for more than one thing. I’m gonna look over again, cause I feel like I might letting my inner hoarder go just a tiiiiiny bit.

Hmm. Maybe I should do a travel tips post… When I settle down after arriving!

See these rambles really do serve a purpose! Imma go sleep on it.

Nights!! Hopefully this writer’s block will be cured soon.


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